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What colours are available for the acoustic panels?

The acoustic panels and modules are manufactured on two felt colours, black and grey, and with lamellas available in several dozen colors variations. A large proportion of these colours are in stock and available for permanent sale, which makes it much easier for us to work with our Wholesale customers and ensures fast order processing and a consistent continuity of purchases. The full colour palette for the selected product can be found in the Product section and in our Product Catalogue.

Are all products available in this colour scheme?

The colours of the other products are as follows:

  • spatial walls: black ARF, saragossa, brown oak and graphite
  • skirting boards: white, matt black, graphite, saragossa, brown oak, sonoma oak
  • angle covers: white
  • cover trims: white, black, sonoma oak, graphite, brown oak, saragossa
  • angle profiles: white, black, saragossa.

This and other information can also be found in our Product Folders and Product Catalogue. We encourage you to take a look!

Can an individual project be realised?

Of course, we have extensive production facilities and are flexible and open to new ideas. With the appropriate profitability in cooperation with our Wholesale customer, we are able to realise even the most imaginative orders.

Is it possible to order lamellas cut to a specific length?

The standard length of our lamellas is the 2.6m dimension. We know from experience that this is the most user-friendly dimension, providing installation comfort without cutting into most traditional living spaces. However, if this is the wish of our wholesale customer and the balance of the transaction based on such cooperation proves satisfactory for both parties, we will adjust the dimensions of the new product on request and in accordance with his expectations.

How do you install our products?

Information on how to assemble the individual products can be found in our Assembly Manuals included in the package and can also be downloaded from the Assembly Manuals section. In the Product Data Sheets, you can also find additional information on supplementary accessories that facilitate the installation of acoustic panels or skirting boards; these are generally mounting glue or mounting clips, the use of which makes the installation of our products easy and pleasant.

Are product samples or templates available? Are they free or paid?

For our Wholesale customers, we have prepared several types of pattern books and sample packs so that they can assess the quality and appearance of our products right from the start. Most of these are free of charge and delivered in quick succession to those keenly interested in our offer. At the same time, we encourage you to visit our company headquarters, where we present most of our products in their full glory if the samples or arrangements presented in our Inspirations section have not yet helped you make a final decision on cooperation.

How are the products packaged?

Information on the packaging of the selected product can be found in the technical specifications both on our website in the Products section and in the Product Folders and Product Catalogue. Most products are packaged in foil or foil sleeves and some, such as the spatial wall, in carton boxes.

Are the lamellas taped on all sides?

Our lamellas are 80% clad, meaning that the back, invisible surface of most of them is not covered with a film, ensuring that they are more easily fixed with mounting adhesive, which more easily bonds the raw MDF surface to the substrate.

Where can your products be found?

Our product range is mainly aimed at wholesale and contract customers, while retail customers will find most of our products on the shelves of popular interior and construction market chains, such as Castorama, Komfort or selected PSB Mrówka shops. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at (77) 472 61 65 or by email: zamowienia@mixpolprofile.pl

What is the cost of shipping?

Please note that the majority of our products are oversize items and that shipping costs are also determined by the size and value of the order, which is why we set them individually each time depending on the situation. For this and other matters relating to the purchase of our goods, we encourage you to contact our Sales Department between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on the telephone number: +48 (77) 472 61 65 or by email to: zamowienia@mixpolprofile.pl

What is the lead time?

The lead time is a maximum of 21 days, but quite a few of our products are available for permanent sale.

How do I place an order?

Orders can be taken by our lovely ladies in the Sales Department on telephone number +48 (77) 472 61 65. They can also be addressed to: zamowienia@mixpolprofile.pl

Can I return purchased products?

Proper delivery of a full-quality product with all quality and safety procedures will exclude the return of goods.

Do you provide assistance in promoting your products to your customers?

Even the most discerning Wholesale customer will find something to his liking with us. We offer full training and promotional support: from full access to the complete technical and promotional documentation, to inspiring design proposals using our products, to presenters, sample books and displays of our products. We are also never indifferent to new ideas for promoting our products to retailers through joint activities with our customer.