Technical information:

  • profile length: 50, 100, 200 mm
  • profile width: 14 mm
  • profile thickness: 7 mm
  • material: black aluminum profile, plexiglass cap
  • protective degree: IP20 (indoor application)
  • set’s weight: 1.0 kg
  • packaging: carton box (70,5x10x9 cm)


The LameLED aluminium lighting profiles are a dedicated product for our acoustic panels with ◼ 12×27 lamellas.
The complete lighting set consists of:

  • 200 cm profiles (in combinations of profiles length: 50, 100 i 200 cm)
  • power supply
  • controller with a remote control

You can arrange the lighting in any way you like: vertically between the lamellas side by side, between the lamellas in different points, horizontally above the panels, vertically on the sides, in 50 cm lines of light or by arranging several profiles in row to create a 2 m line of light – whatever you like..
The aluminium profiles are painted black, the COB LED ribbon emits a white, warm and eye-friendly light, and the frosted cover with protective tape softens this light further.

Benefits of application

  • easy installation in any position using mounting adhesive
  • black wiring, easily concealed under felt or a single lamella
  • can be installed not only during the installation, but also on previously installed panels