Angle profile

Technical information:

  • dimensions: 22x22x2600 mm
  • material: MDF
  • coating: pre-impregnated film
  • adhesive: hot-melt glue
  • weight: 0.29 kg
  • packaging: foil sleeve


    Charm, astuteness and camouflage

    An angle profile is often an essential finishing element when installing countertops, shelves, partitions, soffits, floors, or paneling. Its use effectively conceals any imperfections in corners.
    The product is made from sturdy MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) coated with pre-impregnated foil, making it a more economical alternative to similar corner moldings made from natural wood, without compromising on aesthetic qualities.

    This small finishing element ensures that all corners – both internal and external – look more polished and significantly more attractive.
    The angle profile is lightweight and hard, which makes it easy to work with. It can be cut and adjusted to your needs, and easily installed using mounting adhesive.

    Benefits of application

    • improvement of visual aesthetics – proper installation of the profile allows for the masking of imperfections, making the joined elements appear more cohesive and harmonious
    • concealing imperfections – angle profiles help hide both unwanted interior elements and any irregularities or gaps that occur at the junction of two adjacent surfaces
    • protection – product protect covered gaps from damage, dust, and moisture
    • increasing color contrast – using a light profile with dark-colored walls (and vice versa) can add visual dynamism to the interior and make it more attractive
    • ease of processing and installation – due to its light weight and slight hardness, the profiles are easy to adjust and install using mounting adhesive