Cover strip D3

Technical information:

  • lenght: 2400 mm
  • height: 120 mm
  • width: 60 mm
  • material: MDF
  • coating: pre-impregnated film
  • adhesive: hot-melt glue
  • weight: 4.00 kg
  • packaging: carton box


    Charm, astuteness and camouflage

    An angle cover strip is an interior finishing element used to elegantly and safely conceal parts of electrical, plumbing and other installations that should not necessarily be visible. This strip is a specially designed cover that, thanks to the additional corners, can also cope with right angles that get in its way.

    The surprising functionality of this product has been extended with two visual options to choose from. The classic, minimalist design of the D3 and the slightly more refined, grooved shape of the D8 cover strip give you a choice of styles to complete your interior.

    Reliable MDF, laminated with a white pre-impregnated film, ensures a high quality product, while the trim compatible corners ensure easy installation and practical protection of right angles.

    Benefits of application

    • concealing imperfections – the cover strip help to hide both unwanted interior elements and any unevenness and gaps appearing on walls and ceilings
    • visual aesthetics – angle cover strip conceal pipes or hoses and provide an aesthetically pleasing final result after renovation work
    • protection – in addition to its aesthetic function, the bezel also protects the installation against mechanical damage, dust and moisture and unauthorised access
    • easy access to installations – in the event of maintenance or repair of concealed cables, the cover can be easily removed to allow unhindered access to them
    • increase colour contrast – the use of a white fascia with contrasting wall colours can give a visual dynamic to the interior and make it even more attractive
    • easy and intuitive to assemble – the product is easy to assemble and, thanks to the matching corners, it is a complete set that complements the room decor