Panel ▲ 400×2600 (with triangular lamellas)

Technical information:

  • length: 2600 mm
  • width: 400 mm
  • material: MDF, felt
  • coating: pre-impregnated film
  • adhesive: staples, hot-melt glue
  • weight: 7.6 kg
  • packaging: shrink wrap


    Clarity, dynamism and determination

    Sharp, geometric shapes in interior design have a significant impact on the way it is perceived, evoking certain emotions and giving it a strong character. The triangular slats create an intriguing relief on the wall, where even a low level of light has no problem in emphasising the dynamic and decisive aesthetic of the room.

    Angular details and sharp lines are used as distinctive accents to give the impression that the room is ready for a challenge that breaks with convention. Punctuated light and a well-considered contrasting colour scheme with this slat shape will always attract attention. Available in a choice of 17 colours on a black or grey felt backing, the panels are easy to install and provide better acoustics in the room.


    • convenience and ease of installation – the modules are very lightweight and convenient to install on any surface using only mounting glue, a tape measure and a wallpaper cutter
    • improved acoustics and noise reduction – the product has sound-absorbing properties, the felt dampens and absorbs sounds, thus improving their quality and reducing echoes and effectively controlling noise
    • attractive appearance – the product is a striking decorative element, enabling the creation of original decorative compositions emphasising the character of the interior
    • creativity in design – a wide range of colour combinations and the possibility to create vertical and horizontal panel layouts offer unlimited design possibilities
    • versatility and multifunctionality – the products can be used in both residential and commercial spaces, they can be integrated with furniture and can also be used as the back of a bookcase, as a bed headboard or as a decorative front door covering
    • durability and easy maintenance – the high quality of the product ensures its durability and resistance to wear; the module is easy to clean