Spatial wall

Technical information:

  • length: 2750 mm
  • width: 580 mm
  • thickness: 65 mm
  • material: MDF
  • coating: pre-impregnated film
  • adhesive: hot-melt glue
  • weight: 21.5 kg
  • packaging: carton box


    Mood, intimacy and expressiveness

    Making a small living space work can be a challenge. Especially if you share it with other household members and are starting to miss a little privacy. When there is not enough space or it is uneconomical to erect traditional walls and you do not want to restrict the flow of natural light, open space walls come to the rescue.

    The quick and easy installation of such a wall in a home opens up many possibilities: it can divide the space into functional zones, separate them to create more intimacy, allow maximum use of space, enhance the aesthetics of the entire interior or completely transform it visually.

    This versatile solution, which can be adapted to individual needs and preferences while creating a unique and pleasing design, also works well in large-format interiors. In addition to its basic functions, it will also play a decorative role and provide a way of diffusing light in a more interesting way.

    Benefits of application

    • separation of space – spatial walls make it possible to divide a larger space into smaller functional zones, which is particularly useful in large open spaces such as offices or exhibition halls, allowing the space to be better organised and adapted to different needs
    • room separation – the product can be used to separate different rooms from each other, it can create a subtle division between kitchen and dining room, bedroom and wardrobe or office and living space, while maintaining light flow and visual coherence
    • a way to save space – in the case of small flats or offices, the walls allow optimum use of available space, thus avoiding the need to build additional walls
    • providing intimacy and privacy – despite their openwork construction, walls offer a certain level of intimacy and can be used as screens to protect privacy, but do not completely close off a separate area in the home or workplace
    • installation flexibility – space walls are easy to move or dismantle, allowing flexible organisation of the space according to changing needs
    • visual aesthetics – partitions come in several colour variants and can be a decorative element of the interior and the possibility to install them in series allows the creation of highly personalized designs
    • beneficial dispersion of light – the installation of a room divider is ideal for those who want to take advantage of natural light and at the same time add a unique character to their interior, it can significantly improve both its functionality and the atmosphere itself, for example using a room divider as a window screen allows additional regulation of the light entering the room
    • easy to keep clean – the spatial walls are easy to keep clean and maintain, all it takes is a cloth and some warm water to keep the product looking as elegant as ever